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The Ultimate Vitality Program for Men in 2023: The How & Why

Many middle-aged men and fathers struggle with being muscular, fat free and masculine. If this is you, lets set this straight- it's not because you are too old. It is because you have not united Vitality habits into your busy life.

The typical approach is to overcomplicate working out and food with long workouts and counting calories. Lets be honest, the last thing you want or need is more on your plate (in life or at the table).

If you feel doubtful that you can have a flat belly, a muscular body and enough energy to maintain it, in addition to taking care of your work, family, and social affairs gracefully, you are not alone, AND I'm happy to say- you can do it by implementing the Primal Vitality Lifestyle approach.

In a word, the Primal Vitality Lifestyle approach is honoring your Primal Nature by mimicking the consistent and spontaneous movements of our ancestors while still being in the modern-day system.

Stick around to learn these 3 things about the Primal Vitality Lifestyle:

1) The surprising advantages this method over traditional methods.

2) How and Why is works so well.

3) A sample step-by-step approach to start with.

First lets go over common problems men in their 30's and up experience now.

  • Time is a huge factor. How to manage work, family, duties and social life, while up-leveling your body and mind can feel overwhelming.

  • Men tend to sacrifice their health for the above mentioned domains in life causing a set-back in testosterone, confidence and overall vitality that can feel difficult to bounce back from.

  • Men feel apathetic and uninspired as a result of allowing life's duties and stressors to take priority over their health.

These problems are common, however, choosing to prioritize your health will benefit all domains of your life. You will be more productive and energized for what you have to handle.

You will experience a drive and excitement for life that is inherent. When YOU are the mission, you no longer become emotionally or physically subject to life's circumstances. Circumstances become an opportunity to show up, not a mis-hap to resist.

And I believe the most important benefit is reviving the innate warrior within you. Moments of depression will progressively cease faster and give way to a re-birth of belief in yourself. YOU get to be the source of your inspiration.

By now, hopefully you have some hope, but you also probably object: Your Bitch voice says:

"I really don't have enough time."

"My prime is gone."

"I don't know where to start."

NONSENSE. Get that messaging out of your head and listen.

10-20 minutes/day of home bodyweight workouts, can burn fat, build muscle and create Vitality for the long game. Not only CAN they- they also have some surprising benefits...

Short Bodyweight workouts are proven to burn fat and build muscle. I know you've may have been programmed to think you have to workout for an hour, lift weights and be incapacitated with soreness, to benefit, but you don't have to beat yourself up. The workout you do and keep doing, is the workout that works. So, if starting at 10 minutes gets you going, than get going.

3 Surprising ways Micro-workouts are better than long workouts:

1. It is a matter of volume. As a middle aged man, by now you know that volume at work, skills, with women and so forth is the single most important metric for success in whatever you do. The more volume you accumulate, the more skill you gain, and the more your results will stack up and compound. When you do an intentional 20 minute workout everyday, your life becomes strong. That one small daily habit pays dividends, but whats more is you want more!

2. Short intentional workouts release uplifting hormones and chemicals each time you do them. After each short workout, you get a burst of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, norepinephrine and more feel good chemicals. Research has shown that these short workouts and chemical releases actually inspire your to make more healthy choices like eat the right foods, move more, and take the stairs.

Research also shows, that long exhausting workouts do the opposite and often lead to impulsive food choices and behaviors of instant gratification that compromise your efforts.

3. You will perform better as you age. Unlike the 1 dimensional movements of the gym, humans move dynamically and fluidly. Bodyweight workouts build functional strength and mobility at the same time. In fact, the metric for achievement in the Primal Movement, Calisthenics, and Martial Arts I teach is increased fluidity, complexity of skills, and a combination of strength and mobility. Most generic workouts measure success only with increased weight.

As a mature man, you can can look strong and capable, and more importantly, you can move strong and capably.

The Step-by-step: How to get started:

1. In the morning, either before, during, or after coffee (drink lemon water first)... set aside 20 minutes and do this:

  • 30 pushups (1x30, 2x15, 3x10 or 5x6)

  • 30 Bodyweight squats (same as above)

  • 10 forward panther crawls and 10 backward panther crawls. (see the video)

If you get this all done in less than 20 minutes try some of these movements:

2. Own your Vitality with RAV (Random Acts of Vitality). Random Acts of Vitality is the revolutionary implementation of spontaneous movement throughout the day that shifts you from participating in Vitality to being Vitality. Use RAV in the office, while cooking, walking down the street, or at the playground with your squats, pushups, deep breaths, hang from a tree or door jamb...Incorporate any exercise or movement for 30 seconds to 5 minutes to add to your Vitality Volume and to deepen the groove of Vitality into your body and nervous system.

3. Simplify. Vitality is not a formula. It is a lifestyle. Instead of overwhelming yourself with counting calories or killing yourself in the gym with the newest workout trend, take progressive steps on the right direction. Eat more quality organic protein and vegetables and let go of the bread and sugar your normally eat. Don't overwhelm yourself with hour long workouts in the gym. You can get the results you are looking for by making a habit of doing the above mentioned exercises every day and then growing your tool box.

Dads and middle-aged men. Your experience in life makes you the true warriors. By now you know what works and what doesn't. You know what has served you and what has not. All you have to do now is take the one small step in the form of a Micro-workout or RAV to build momentum, release dopamine and strengthen your habits in the direction of vitality.

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Brandie Luft
Brandie Luft
May 09, 2023

Great article's and they apply to men & women equally, alas, "equally" fits both genders, we have something amazing in common we can share without squabble or dominance in understanding :)


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