About Natural Born Vitality

Natural Born Vitality is about tapping into focused aliveness in all domains of your life! We create lifestyle habits to achieve high vitality and avoid the destructive side-effects of purely aesthetic training.


5 Core Values:


1)Connect to Nature- This is to ensure longevity of our vitality that will encourage our and sharpen our bodies inherent processes of vitality, otherwise it is reverse engineering.


2)Skill Based Coaching-We teach skills with direct benefit to the demands of an energetic and adventurous lifestyle. These skills forge a powerful mind, body and nervous system to respond appropriately and skillfully to spontaneous play, challenging situations, or a danger to us or our family.


3)The World is Your Playground- Play is a key component that makes a healthy life a habit. The need for a gym, a yoga studio, a mat and all other materialism distracting from true Vitality. When your body is free, you are free to play and be Naturally Vital anywhere!


4)Develop Your Warrior- To be a warrior means to be brave and go beyond fear. This requires mental and physical training, both of which build confidence that serve our instinctual needs of connection, love and safety, as well as modern day successes including business, personal purpose and clarity in times of confusion.


5)Mentorship-It is built into our survival to learn from a skilled teacher and to pass it on. This is a lost sacred art, and simply put one must teach to serve and one must serve to master.