What We Are About

Natural Born Vitality is an Eco-Centric Business aimed at creating a movement of positive impact which does not harm the earth or anyone on the way. 


Our mission is to support you in tapping into focused aliveness in all domains of your life by providing simplified lifestyle habits and mindset for increased vitality and performance that brings you deeper into your true nature. 

Our Legacy Mission is to support humanity in feeling so vital and alive that we naturally and instinctively design our lives to live harmoniously with the earth.

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About Sage Petersen

Are you ready to breakthrough?? I offer private coaching and group classes of:

  • minimalist movement

  • martial arts

  • mindset

  • nature-connection

And tips, skills, and practices to be vital in the now. To make it a part of your moment to moment experience.

I have trained in martial arts with many Grand Masters and was honored to earn my black belt under legend Grand Master Ernesto Presas in Arnis, the revered Filipino weapons martial arts (also known as Kali and Eskrima).







Vibrant health and high performance have always been obsessions of mine. I have won multiple states and national Tae Kwon Do competitions in sparring. Through what I've learned I now incorporate the following in my teachings:

  • Brilliance at the basic skills

  • Nervous system focused movement

  • Micro-workouts (short and frequent)

  • Practice the way you want to perform

These principles have supported my clients and students in achieving personal bests, break through plateaus, and improve to a level of youthful movement and mobility they had written off as a thing of the past. Now, beyond my mid 30's I move with more speed, strength and mobility.