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What Natural Born Vitality Is About.

Re-wild, Re-wire, Re-Warrior, Play, Teach

Natural Born Vitality is a way of life that prioritizes focused aliveness in all aspects of your life. Our goal is to cultivate lifestyle habits that lead to high vitality and empower you to be fit, free, and fierce in all areas of your life. This is achieved by tapping into our Primal Nature and thriving in today's world.

Our 5 Core Values:

  1. Re-Wild: Connecting with nature helps us connect to our roots and biological origins. By having one foot on the earth and the other adapting to the world, we can appreciate and thrive in the changes.                                                              

  2. Re-Wire: Our skills training directly improves our ability to lead an energetic and adventurous lifestyle. This leads to a powerful mind, body, and nervous system, enabling us to respond optimally and skillfully to spontaneous play, challenges, or unexpected danger.                                                                             

  3. Re-Warrior: Being a Modern Day Warrior involves embracing discomfort for the long-term benefits it brings. This requires both mental and physical training, serving our instinctual needs for connection, love, and safety as well as modern-day success in business and personal purpose.                                          

  4. The World is Your Playground: Play is essential for making the Vitality Lifestyle a habit. We believe that being free from the need for gym equipment or yoga studios frees us to play and be Naturally Vital anywhere.                                         

  5. Mentorship: Learning from a skilled teacher and passing on knowledge is a sacred and lost art. To master, one must serve and to serve, one must teach."

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