Feeling like a warn out garden and rusty ole body? Blossom into sustainability with Wild Movement and gardening.

March 27, 2018


I taught a “Wild Movement” class for Durango, Colorados local wild foods expert and community resource Turtle Lake Refuge (http://turtlelakerefuge.org/) a few days ago. I wanted to connect movement to the permaculture class, which lead me to discover this wonderful article on movement and permaculture that I'll link below. It also opened me up to a metaphor between movement and permaculture leading me to these powerful questions: What is the problem with our current food production system as with our modern day movement system? The answers I came up with applied to both food production and movement. My answer: They are contrived practices favoring prescribed aesthetics, undermining the function that food and movement were designed for (nourish, get work done, create energy). Additionally they deplete the systems which they are dependent on (the earth and the body). 

 It is obvious that the next question is: What is the solution/s to these problems? This article draws powerful connections between permaculture food production and wild movement as essential to our human health and expression. Click the picture to see the article.


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