Sage was born and raised in Colorado. He graduated from Fort Lewis College with high honors where he developed a major in Ethno-Health Perspectives. In his college years, Sage continuously trained in Tai Chi, Chi Gung and various martial arts. He spent a semester teaching in Mexico enabling him to become fluent in Spanish. 















After a year employed as a counselor at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Durango, Colorado, he continued his post graduate education in:

  • Primal Move Certified (Child-based movement directed at physiological and neural development, Denver, CO)

  • (RKC) Russian Kettle Certified in Minnesota

  • Z-Health certified (Therapeutic movement approach to enhancing nervous system, Berkley, CA)

  • PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification, Austin, TX)

  • PCC Instructor, Denver, CO

Sage is an international traveler:

  • ​Conversational in German (Traveled extensively in Europe)

  • Conversational in Brazilian Portuguese (Brazilian Ayahuasca ceremonies and Capoeira martial arts training)

  • Philippines and Thailand studied Filipino martial arts

  • Central America: Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua.