3 Reasons Now Is Your Optimal Opportunity To Own Your Vitality...Especially Reason #3

Updated: Apr 23

I saw the same scene play out multiple times as spring blossomed and the pandemic spread. Multiple excited companions skipped to the locked tennis court gate, then left with their heads hung. No game, no exercise.

I watched it over and over. Then I realized it must be the same for so many gym goers. The quote “When you got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose” came to mind....

I had a renewed appreciation for not just minimalist workouts, but the minimalist lifestyle. And I continued my MovNat/Kavadlo Brothers/Ido Portal-inspired primal workout/play.

A bit earlier, my son and I were also turned away from our normal playground play spot due to Covid-19. That’s when we found the empty parking lot of the tennis courts. Instinctually, we looked around at the trees, the walls, and the grass and started hanging, pumping, crawling, jumping … . . . playing. Nature workouts.

It’s hard to conceptualize the fallout. Suddenly, millions of people are forced to forego their link to a fit body they can be proud of and feel good in. More importantly, they’ve lost access to their perceived primary source of sanity and brain balance.

I feel the pain of so many who depend on the gym, a yoga studio, Cross-Fit equipment. But the harsh reality is clear. The blind spots in our current model of fitness (and our state of disharmony with the earth) are being exposed.

"Instinctually, we looked around at the trees, the walls and the grass and started hanging, pumping, crawling, jumping...playing. Nature Workouts."

We have depended on unnatural gadgets in controlled and predictable environments to optimize our fitness and performance. But we reside in a wild, unpredictable, and three-dimensional world. And now we are forced to look at the inherent flaws and adapt quickly!

Now is the opportunity to take back control of your vitality! And it is simple. You just need your body and a few basic moves to get you started!

You can do it! And once you start, here are three reasons I see you not just surviving, but thriving during this global crisis and beyond:

1. Your fitness is no longer victim to your environmental circumstances. Instead, your environment becomes the source of your vitality. Now your primal nature springs forth with creativity, adaptability, and playfulness in the process of becoming functionally fit (for real). Because now you are training your body and brain to perform in real-life, unpredictable circumstances.

2. You don’t just look fit; you are fit! The time of reverse-engineering is outdated. We see it rampant in our culture: our hunger to eat kills instead of fuels us. Materialism destroys the earth, and we use it to fill voids instead of finding purpose. Folks build bodies that look like they flow gracefully, powerfully, and skillfully, but in reality, they got those bodies with one-dimensional, mechanical movements.

With a minimalist approach, you can both have both an aesthetically impressive body and a body that can actually walk its talk. All it takes are functional, natural movement skills such as primal movement, dance, martial arts, and calisthenics.

3. Your identity changes. Rather than your sport or your gym visits defining your vitality, a powerful, self-inventory shifts how you think about yourself. You become vital everywhere you go, and you feel the power in that. Your thoughts, words, and actions all promote connection to your natural-born vitality, and you honestly gain control of your life force, or chi. When your standard of vitality rises, your whole life rises!

You’ve got this. By inhabiting a gym (your body) you are able to fit far more activity into your life than when you go the gym an hour at a time.

You don’t need to carve out time on your calendar. You don’t need fancy equipment, or special stretchy pants. Hell, you don’t even need to wear shoes!

It is not about the commodities surrounding health. Its about you incorporating vitality into your life by doing micro-workouts throughout the day.

My call to you is this: Whatever you are doing right now, stop for a moment and do a few push-ups, squats, or lunges. Stretch your arms up. Actively express and strengthen your body anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

And when you go out next, be sure to squat instead of sit, hang on a tree branch, reach your arms open victoriously, because nobody and no thing can take away the gym that is your body, the vitality that is your choice, or the attitude brings out the best version of yourself! "When you got nothing, you've got nothing to lose" and what you do have (your health) can't be taken away from you!

Check out this short video tutorial to get started!

Thank you and remember…

Vitality is simple.

So go re-wild your world!

P.S. Please share your comments, questions and experiences with this!

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