4 Ways to Unleash the Warrior Within.

With the global threat posed by the Corona virus, the stock market plummet, and all the related unknowns in our world, we are forced to look at what is necessary and what is truly ours. Our health, family, and the environment are what matter when the busy-ness and "fluff" of our lives get interrupted.

I believe our true character is revealed by our attitude when things get tough. It is actually hunger that keeps us searching, striving, and growing. A cheetah is not its fastest when it is comfortable, with a full belly. It’s at its highest potential when it has an aspiration or even an emergency that drives it to perform! This same principle applies to us humans. In the midst of a global crisis, complacency is not an option. This is the time to train and thrive!

So, while doing your part to practice the social distancing that is so critical to keeping yourself and others healthy right now, find the space and time to get outdoors for a bit—away from the crowds—or take advantage of opportunities for virtual training!

Let go of the numbers and forge your mind and body for adaptability, to respond adeptly to the unknown that is the reality of being alive. Literally, we are developing the warrior within us, while the warrior culture has disappeared.

Lets do something to revive this Warrior within. Here are two links to help you get started!

A basic Primal Movement tutorial you can do now: https://youtu.be/Z6Ix1ITre2Y

A glimpse into my Primal Martial Arts Class: https://youtu.be/bKbgSeJG5mk

Your true character is revealed by your attitude when things get tough.

I call you forth to persevere through the hard times and stay connected to the jewel that is truly important and that has always been and will always be there—through the rough times and the easy ones. That jewel is your vitality. To truly be vital is to be resilient, so your body and mind can flow, adapt to, and overcome the unpredictable circumstances of life, such as we are facing now.

Your true character is revealed by your attitude when things get tough.

Here are 4 ways to train the warrior within:

1. Learn to notice when you are uncomfortable… and smile. By approaching discomfort with curiosity and openness, you can develop a friendly relationship with the unknown.

2. Connect to Nature. Nature is the ultimate provider, nourisher, and teacher of adaptability. Through nature connection, you will become more resilient.

3. Start noticing your thoughts. Consciously replace fearful and disempowering thoughts with thoughts of possibility. Trust in yourself to respond to the situation with strength and wisdom, while relinquishing control over the outcome. Know you will overcome.

4. Build your vitality. Practice movement skills, martial arts, and mindfulness to develop a stronger, more resilient body and mind.

With the unknowns elevated in this time of crisis, we have an opportunity to develop agency in dealing with the unpredictable variables in our lives. We can choose to resist them, or we can build a friendliness toward them and a belief in our own capacity to be resilient in the face of adversity. Regardless of whether we can be victorious over the circumstances or control the outcome, it is empowering to believe we can confront and adapt to them.

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