Breathe to transform anxiety and panic into calm and discipline

Updated: Apr 20

We all experience those crazy hard times where it feels that our chest is about to cave in and the world is so small only our problems fit in it. Be it a break-up, the Coronavirus, the economy, relationship difficulties ect.- they effect our mind and our body which effect each other.

Seriously, the nervous system which calls forth the survival mechanisms of fight, flight and freeze works bi-directionally with the body to determine whether or not we should be in one of those states. This means what is going on in our body either pushes it further into fight, flight, or freeze or the way we are moving and interacting in our body can ease us out of survival mode and into thriving, otherwise know as social engagement and what I like to call confidence and connection.

This breathing technique is a combination of Wim Hofs oxygenation techniques and what I've added to bring a body anchor to the mind. What this does is hyper-oxygenates our body for a myriad of vitality benefits while training ourselves to respond to anxious situations with more grace and less reactivity (and nothing makes us squirm and lash out like not being able to breath). Holding the pulse gives our mind an opportunity to control a part of the biology we are not used to controlling, thus strengthening our minds ability to overcome the desires of the biology.

Click the Video to follow along.

Here is how it works: Make sure you are sitting or lying down for this

1. Find your pulse on your wrist. Once you've found your pulse do 30 deep, strong inhales in through the mouth and a relaxed normal exhale through the mouth.

2. After your 30th breath take another normal breath and then a deep inhale and hold the inhale while you hold your pulse. Count your pulse and try to make it to 60 pulses.

3. After 30 to 60 pulses slowly exhale trying to time the exhale to 15 or 30 pulses. You may notice your pulse becoming irregular as your body and nerves crave a breath. This is where the mindset training is. Try to be friendly with the sensations and remain centered. This will help your pulse remain steady as well.

4. Now hold the exhale out striving to keep it out for 15 to 30 pulses. The same applies, train yourself to be friendly with the sensations and build your mindset.

5. Repeat 3 times for a total of 90 breaths and 3 holds.

Congrats! As you see, we are taking those powerfully uncomfortable feeling that come with heartache, pain and the unknown and we are dwarfing there power over us. In comparison to not breathing these circumstances are manageable and not even life threatening. We are turning them into mind empowerment and vitality!

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