Make Your 2020 resolutions last for a lifetime!

Every year folks make New Years Resolutions for their health that they never really accomplish. There is a reason for this and it is because we compartmentalizing our health, as if it were something outside of ourselves, a goal to strive for that with enough visits to the gym or yoga class we will one day reach. I suggest we throw that concept away completely and own our health in this moment, and treat it as if Vitality were knocking on our door every moment-all we have to do is integrate it.

So, how do we shift our goals from a contrived image of health that does not actually resemble our true vitality and make a lifestyle out of our health- live the Vitality Lifestyle?

First, see your whole life as training! Every moment is an opportunity for us to be more alive, to deepen our breath and to explore what it feels like for us to be vivaciously alive. Stop right now and take 3 deep breaths, when you are walking open your senses to hear the birds, see the sun shining through the trees and feel life on your skin! You could have all the things, but if you don’t feel vibrant and healthy, what is the point of chasing all the things, productivity and success?

Second, learn bodyweight movement you can do anywhere! That is right, learn a movement skill that does not require a mat, weights, or anything outside of yourself. The way to be vital is to spend more time in motion. Have a foundation of movement that you can practice in short intervals-anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. I recommend primal movement, martial arts, tai chi and similar arts. With these arts you can throw a kick, pop a squat, do a quick flow in a few seconds or a few minutes. Practicing throughout the day is the key to longevity in vitality!

Third, do something small, but significant in the morning, every morning. All or nothing is one of the biggest barriers to vitality in our society. If we can’t do a full hour in the gym, we don’t do anything. Personally, I hardly ever workout for an hour, but I’m sure to do something every morning. Start with 10 solid pushups (pushups are a skill, do you know how to do a proper one?) or 30 seconds of squatting in the morning.

Simply put, here are steps 1,2, and 3.

  1. See every moment as an opportunity to train, breath deep, open your eyes, open your lungs, open your heart.

  2. Take up a practice you can do anywhere. Our ancestral nature is used to always being ready through a hunter gatherer lifestyle; that’s what is missing.

  3. Start your morning with something small and easy, but don’t miss it. You’ll create momentum for the day!

There you have it. This is how I keep my body youthful, strong and supple. Feel free to ask any questions and post what you are doing!