Your Daily Shake: Clean and Clear the Nervous System

First thing is first. We are animals and we are animals that move. We also experience difficulty and physical and emotional stress that gets stored in our tissues. However, through all of these years of adaptation and evolution, did you not think all animals have developed ways to clear the adrenaline and stress chemicals? Indeed we have!

Some refer to it as pronking. I call it shaking. In short, shaking is what an animal does after it narrowly escapes a predators deadly attack or some other traumatic event. Imagine that... as part of your daily life somebody wants to kill and eat you! That is insane if you really think about it. However, these animals overcome the mental and physical trauma and move on as if nothing happened.

How do they do it? Researchers have studied animals to see how we as humans can better overcome traumatic injuries as well as emotional trauma, both of which are related and tend to coincide-even if the source is emotional. Made simple, shaking is releasing days worth of stress hormones and adrenaline that pour into the nervous system as a result of a stressor. In the state of stress the body gets rigid, stiff and remembers the trauma as if you are still in danger, (maybe you can relate even in the instance of someone flipping you off at in intersection and you mull over it hours later!) and now the your movements, and sense organs are acting communicate to the nervous system that the stressor is still present. That is right, how we move, breathe, and observe can falsely inform the nervous system of danger. Thus, if the way we move our body and senses can trigger the nervous system to inhibit our body and mind, than one would think they can also trigger the nervous system to release inhibition and optimize performance. That is also true. A little tangent for another day, back to shaking.

So, just as animals have been researched for there superpower ability to overcome real trauma (not just ego hurt) through shaking, we can release the moment to moment stressors in our lives. I consider this daily maintenance. We do this in every class I teach and I emphasize it to my personal clients as a once or twice an hour thing. All you do is shake your hands, all the way to the toes, the head and everything in between. Check out the video to see how!

Get out and shake throughout the day!

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