Personal Training

My Goal is to train your body and mind to make a habit of excellence, so in real life you know no other way.


4 sessions/month- $70/hour

4 sessions over 3 months- $65/hour

Not in Colorado?

No problem, you can learn a lot through skype sessions: $75/hr.

What unique benefits will I experience?

*A new level of mastery of your body and mind, this exercise is a meditation for both.

*A primal strength and mobility right down to your DNA. You'll feel more human than ever before.

*A mental clarity, sharpness and sophistication working through your nervous system. An overall feeling of Ease, Flow and Grace.

*You will naturally come to the healthy weight you are meant to be at with the right muscle ratio for you.

About this training style: This training is aimed at bringing you back to your original human movements, the same ones that developed your nervous system as a kid and tempered your body into a strong and supple tool capable of adapting playfully to life. 

         Rapid weight loss and a beautiful and healthy looking body are absolute benefits, however they are side benefits of regaining a greater sense of control and awareness of your body, being able to move in ways you never thought possible, healing injuries and returning to a more youthful state. This movement is medicine and through it you will return to a state of harmony throughout your being. Perhaps the most rewarding benefit is the mental focus, awareness and heightened sense of well being that comes through as a result of directly tuning up the nervous system.

          A session is never typical, as everyone is unique. However, I will teach you foundational skills necessary to have a strong and pain free body. We will build a foundation from alignment and posture to more sophisticated movement patters. Each session is an hour, and is deeply based in movements that require full focus and body awareness. I will guide you through the movement progressions that your body specifically needs to heal from injury, to correct mis-patterns, and to illuminate blind spots. Most of my clients report a superior sense of aliveness, personal growth and well-being. 

          To conclude, I will send you home with a program that will take 15-20 minutes every morning, that will elevate your current level and prepare you for your next steps.

          After a few months, you will feel more strength, ease, and grace and your body, you will look better and you will have a familiar ability to play and be free that you felt when your were a kid.