Natural Born Vitality!

Making vitality a habit.

Optimizing performance.

Having the body you want.

Primal Martial Arts Class

Primal Martial Arts Class in Durango combines natural movement or Primal Movement with tai chi, mixed martial arts (focusing in stick and weapons training) and calisthenics. Sage's main focuses are on better results-faster by working directly with the GPS of the nervous system through right left brain movement, deep focus, and practicing the way you want to perform (PWWP).

Our Philosophy:

*Transforming the body and its movement is the fastest way to transform your life. The body and nervous system work on a bi-directional basis in which the level of focus and sophistication with which we move directly correlates to the sharpness in our mind and emotions.

*De-commoditize your health, by learning how to make it your lifestyle. Life requires adaptability of our mind and our body, thus we train to habituate skillful and appropriate response.


*Play is one of our greatest teachers and holders of longevity and happiness. Often, lack of play is only a lack of confidence in the bodies ability to satisfy the desires of the moment.

Our Method:

*Brilliance at the basics to create an unshakable foundation for faster results and  lasting youthfulness.


*Progression is the key. Get really good where you are at and work your edge.

*Practice the way you want to perform by bringing full intention and attention to what you are doing. This builds the brains map of the body, habituates excellence and creates internal strength.  

March 26, 2020

               We all experience those crazy hard times where it feels that our chest is about to cave in and the world is so small only our problems fit in it. Be it a break-up, the Coronavirus, the economy, relationship difficulties ect.- they effect our mind and our...

October 27, 2019

Habits are the key to success. Whatever it is we want to succeed at (more vitality, better relationships, our sacred livelihood), often means we are letting go of an old habit and replacing it with a more positive habit that supports fulfillment. Fulfillment VS. Pleasu...

July 23, 2019

First thing is first. We are animals and we are animals that move. We also experience difficulty and physical and emotional stress that gets stored in our tissues. However, through all of these years of adaptation and evolution, did you not think all animals have devel...

July 19, 2019

The Power Breath is for anyone who wants to hack there strength output instantly. This is one of the first things beginners should learn and one of the things experts should continue to develop.

This skill has so many benefits including: Tapping into strength you didn't...

December 23, 2018

Our culture chooses image over function; its like having feet for putting into shoes, not walking with...

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Misssion: To to teach the next level skills and methods of Natural Movement so you can tap into your warrior body and mindset now! By tapping into our true Vitality we believe we will co-create a healthier Earth.