Natural Born Vitality Coaching

Natural Born Vitality Coaching

About NBV Coaching


Natural Born Vitality Coaching is an 8 Week guided program designed to use movement, meditation, nature connection and marital arts to connect to your inner warrior and develop the strong and supple body you want. 

What you will accomplish:


*Empowerment to create what you want.


*Body awareness and Vitality.


*The ability to be still and meditate.


*Face fears and make purpose of them.


*Speaking your truth.


*Learning to mentor.


*Nature connection.

2 Coaching calls/week: calls (10-15 min.)-The calls will cover vision, commitments, what is getting in the way ect. Once coaching call is complete you will text throughout the day as you complete your goals.


Personal Training 1x/week: Primal movement, Tai Chi, and Kettlebells. You must move your body for energy in your life to flow. This gets the energy flowing and tones up and strengthens the body.


Nature Meditation: We will meet 3 times to incorporate a nature connection and awareness practice. Nature awareness and practice brings deeper awareness, presence, and acknowledgement of impact on the space in an every day setting. I will teach you the grounding process, Primal Tai Chi, and sit spot.


Be a Mentor: You get to mentor and give back by learning about someone else’s struggles, desires and health goals and supporting them hands on in taking action.


Daily Meditation: 1x every 2 weeks, we will agree on a time to meet for 20 minutes for meditation lesson and practice. By the end of the 10 weeks, you will meditate for 45 minutes

What the Coaching includes:

Values You Will Live By

Honesty: Own not only your downfalls, but also your Gold. This includes expressing and owning  your value and mistakes in words, being and action. It is by being responsible that we are empowered to overcome and create new outcomes.


Trust: Trust that your Natural Born Nature is good, worthy, and filled with meaningful  purpose. We exemplify this by fully experiencing pain and crisis with the knowledge that it will be here until we learn from it, and learning to restructure our attitudes around pain and crisis from something to avoid to a gift beckoning our greatness.


Connection: Get back to our original source of energy and wisdom. This means developing and deepening our relationship with nature and our own nature. When we connect to nature we learn to rely on the wisdom within and follow our true path.