Primal Martial Arts Durango

In Primal Movement and Martial Arts class in Durango, we specialize in Natural Movement and Martial Arts as a means to optimize brain and body performance, using natural movement that speaks directly to your brain, resulting in better results, faster. Develop a strong, supple and very capable body. Get back to your natural human movement and learn to protect yourself...

"Stick fighting is the translation art that brings, all elements of martial arts together to build adaptability and confidence in all situations. 

Primal Movement is the translation art that bridges the gap between what our mind wants our body to do, and what our body can do."  -Sage Petersen

Class Details

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-Tuesdays @ 4:30

-Smiley Building #15: 1309 E. 3rd Ave. #35

-$15/class or $50/month

-Please e-mail me with